Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gluten-Free Cinnamon Tortilla Chips with Blueberry-Mango Fruit Salsa

Today I realized I had way more gluten free tortillas left than I could eat as wraps, so I decided to mix things up a bit. Let's just say the results were pretty amazing.

You will need:
1 pan
1 tsp. of coconut oil (preferably organic and unrefined)
2 large gluten free tortillas (or 4 small ones...or tortillas of your choice)
Cinnamon to sprinkle
1/2 cup of fresh mango
1/2 cup of fresh blueberries
1 heaping tbsp. of Light Cool Whip

1. Preheat the oven to 350F. Cover your pan with tinfoil (you can spray it with cooking spray if you feel the tortillas might stick...I didn't...probably should have. Haha.)

2. Lay out your tortillas on the pan and get a teaspoon of coconut oil out.

3. Place the coconut oil in a boil and microwave until melted.

4. Spread/drizzle the coconut oil over the tortillas and then sprinkle cinnamon over them (use as much as you like)

5. Cut the tortillas into little triangle-shaped pieces about the size of average tortilla chips (triangle-SHAPED is the keyword. Mine tend to vary as the cutting goes on...haha). Place in the oven for about 5 minutes or until they have reach desired crispiness.

6. Chop up blueberries. (I put wax paper over the cutting board because it makes my life easier when it comes time to clean up)

7. Chop up the mango.

8. Place the blueberries and mango in a bowl and mix together.

9. This is optional, but I like to add a dollop of Light Cool Whip and sprinkle cinnamon on top to garnish. Yum.

10. Place tortillas on a plate and they are ready for dipping. Mmmm.

 ...and this is the result you can expect because they are soooo yummy! I could have demolished the whole pan! Good luck!

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